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The Recycling Of Boats

In an age where recycling is a boom industry an enormous amount of waste is recycled.
This applies across the board from the general public to industry. In some quarters this works reasonably well but not so well in others An issue that is receiving lots of attention at the moment is the sailing leisure industry.
There are moves afoot to radically address the safe disposal of "end of use" boats that lie in boat yards and gardens the world over. We have all seen the "grave yard" corners of boat yards.
The crux of the matter lies with GRP Boats.This product is a nightmare to dispose of and landfill, in the main, is still where these vessels end up. GRP is very, very durable and therefore it hasn't been that much of an issue until now.
As the years roll by the point has been reached where it is becoming an issue and legislation is beginning to restrict landfill as an option. Recycling is the obvious alternative. Europe is ahead of the game in this regard.
There are companies that deal with "end of use" Boats but the recycling costs do not come cheap.
Costs can be anything from €800-€1500 for a 10-12 meter vessel or as much as €15000 for vessel over 15 meters! It is assumed that the boat owner would take the burden of the recycling cost but it is unlikely that the owner would be willing or indeed able to afford such sums. Unlike steel boats which can have significant scrap value to ease the recycling costs, GRP owners are not so fortunate.It isn't that straight forward to apply the recycling cost to the owner as lots of these boats have been stored ashore for some time and the owners may not be that easy to trace.
There is a school of thought that maybe the manufacturers have a part to play too. It is suggested that they should assume responsibility for "end of life " boats and dispose of them by collecting them for recycling, but there seems little incentive or desire to explore this avenue at present. The waters can be cloudy with this approach too as it is very possible that some manufacturers would have gone out of business beforehand.
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