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Why use a yacht broker to buy or sell a boat?

Yacht brokers are intermediaries that boat owners instruct to represent them when selling a boat. People also use a yacht broker to purchase a boat.Brokers such as Ordovic Boat Brokers have a responsibility to both a buyer and a seller and as a professional brokerage, liaise closely with both a vendor and a purchaser being transparent throughout the entire selling and purchasing process.We can source boats on the behalf of a purchaser from our extensive database and marry the right boat to the right client.Advertised prices are readily available on the internet but this doesn't give the actual market value of boats at any given time in any given market climate . Ordovic Boat Brokerage is well placed in the industry to do just that.It stands to reason that anyone selling their boat wants to realise the best value for their boat, but by the same token, it is imperative to be realistic when pricing a vessel for sale. Just because a seller may have a loan on a boat of a certain amount does not necessarily mean that the vessel's actual value will cover the outstanding loan and equally if the owner has spent a large amount on maintenance and improvements it does not mean they will recoup these costs.
Unfortunately market forces determine prices rather than owners.It really is sensible to be realistic.This will result in more genuine enquiries and a quicker sale.Being over optimistic can see a vessel stagnate in the market place and lose the initial for sale impact.Brokers can advise on Marine Finance and knowing where you stand in advance with a lender is a distinct advantage when negotiating.It also means that you probably will not set your sights on vessels out of you financial reach and avoid disappointment.When it comes to making a offer on a boat we guide our clients through the process.
Ordovic Boat Brokerage will forward your offer to the owner for consideration. Once this is accepted a deposit is required and held safely in a designated Client Account.This allows the proposed purchaser to commission a survey through an independent surveyor and undertake a sea trial.
Ordovic are able to advise on these processes.Checks are conducted at Ordovic to ascertain title, proof that vat has been paid if applicable and check to see if there is outstanding finance due on the boat.A buyer will have a survey to pay for and the cost of lifting a boat out of the water if it is afloat at the time.If a boat is stored ashore there will be a charge for launching.
After survey Ordovic Boat Brokerage will advise on any issues raised in the survey and advise on where to obtain quotes for any repairs. Ordovic will mediate through the negotiating process and work tirelessly to bring the sale to a successful conclusion for all parties.
Ordovic will produce a new Bill of Sale, pay any finance before paying the balance less commission to the vendor. Contact us at Ordovic Boat Brokerage for advice on selling or purchasing a boat.
We will delighted to hear from you.
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